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What the fuck is this?

Welcome to Primal Podcast. A magical land full of  intellectual conversation and profound thought.....

Not A Fucking Chance!

This is utter nonsense and bullshit, folks! Every week your ridiculously entertaining (and wonderfully delicious) host, Primal (aka Sleve), spends 1 hour of your precious time discussing the trials and tribulations of a single, 30-something father in New Jersey. But wait, there's more! If that's not enough, the rest of the show is filled with weird news, gaming talk, half-assed comedy, guest calls and general fuckery!

Primal Podcast is your new home for JNCO's and Jolt, Surge & Offensive words! The 90s are alive and well here in this irrelevant and irreverant "news" and talk show for the immature and...some other i-word. Thanks in advance for both your compliments and insults...I deserve them both. Now sit back, relax and enjoy my mildy entertaining horse shit!

- Primal -