Bye Bye Facebook!

As many of you already know, the show has made the decision to move on from Facebook Live. As much as this pains me because of the convenience of streaming to Facebook, it’s a move that was necessary. While on Facebook, the stream was mostly limited to friends and those that followed the Primal Podcast page. Add to that the fact that my Ad account on Facebook is shut down and FB refuses to re-enable it and I cannot boost posts or advertise on Facebook or Instagram. This created a very large problem and made growth near impossible.

So what’s next, you ask?
The answer to that is simple… Twitch and YouTube.

In an effort to both grow our audience as well as create an opportunity to monetize the show, these were the obvious next steps. Both platforms have a large amount of potential viewers, live streaming and the chance to monetize the channel. For now, the show can exist on both platforms which is fantastic. However, as we move forward, the focus will be aimed at Twitch. The reason being that Twitch honestly has more fun! The chatbots, the bits, the subscriptions, the followers, and most of all the communities. In my time of watching streamers on Twitch, I’ve found that each streamer seems to build their own little community inside their channel which is what I hope to accomplish for The Primal Podcast. Plus, once I become a Twitch affiliate I will no longer be able to live stream anywhere but Twitch. Fear not, all episodes will be uploaded to YouTube afterwards.

I hope everyone understands and decides to make the move along with me! I’ve made it as easy as possible to continue watching. All live show links will still be posted on the Primal Podcast Facebook page and the Twitch live stream is embedded on the website in the event you don’t have a Twitch account.

The big day is rapidly approaching. April 29th at 9pm Eastern I return with the first new episode in almost a year!
Wish me luck.

– Primal –

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