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Goodbye iTunes & Google Play!

Since this has evolved into so much more than just the average podcast, I've made the decision to bail on iTunes & Google Play (at least for now). With the transition from an audio-only podcast into a video talk-show and game streaming channel, it makes less and less sense to continue editing audio and uploading it to these services. Not only does the show quality degrade when the video is removed, but it takes time away that I could be using to work on more content instead. Maybe down the road I'll look into these again, but for now it's the best option. All the old episodes will still be available, but I will not be uploading anything new.


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What the fuck is this?

Welcome to Primal Podcast. A magical land full of  intellectual conversation and profound thought.....

Not A Fucking Chance!

This is utter nonsense and bullshit, folks! Every week your ridiculously entertaining (and wonderfully delicious) host, Primal (aka Sleve), spends 1 hour of your precious time discussing the trials and tribulations of a single, 30-something father in New Jersey. But wait, there's more! If that's not enough, the rest of the show is filled with weird news, gaming talk, half-assed comedy, guest calls and general fuckery!

Primal Podcast is your new home for JNCO's and Jolt, Surge & Offensive words! The 90s are alive and well here in this irrelevant and irreverant "news" and talk show for the immature and...some other i-word. Thanks in advance for both your compliments and insults...I deserve them both. Now sit back, relax and enjoy my mildy entertaining horse shit!

- Primal -